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Member That Time || Bo McGuire

Member That Time


you want to come over

but can’t decide if you are

sub or dom


i do

i ask you to turn thirteen cartwheels

without splitting earth between two diamonds

and while reciting a passage from the bible of your choosing

and when you say you don’t know the bible, i tell you anything from gone with the wind will do


i go limb-out for you, baby

i go hard-sock-to-the-face for you, baby

but you can’t decide where to poem cause you want to bed it, and i say any place but the bed,


i tell you the bed is only for putting google glass on, followed by downloading sex with glass, followed by watching how good you close-up look while giving head


that’s when you walk the microwave all night complaining about how it heats the poem so unheavenly so

fuck it so

son of a bitch


this is when i go get the gun

this is when you decide to sub / you force me into it, and i have to say

there’s something about the feeling of sleeping with my gun


what you gonna do?

i will motherfucking kill you




Member That Time


i motherfucking kill you


i do

i’ve got to tell you just because you can sing higher

doesn’t mean you hold every empty heart heat up inside

the coarse of your wild throat call


that’s what it’s like to perform for you in the rafters of the moon’s highest bitter, baby

do not bring your bidding here / i say it like a slap in the dick—

a wheel i spin you into and drop you down thirteen floors—

heart soar




Member That Time


we live in high cotton

eating less fortunate heart sores


i do

you come in and say, let’s go smoke, baby

and i say, how can we smoke the world with the world inside our throats


you say meth, in that old abandoned blue astro mini van my daddy left before he went spinning

all yonder rooms of the moon


i can tell you

leaving home is the hardest thing i ever hit in the face—

those fertile fields are never far away through the droughts of dreams not forbidden but not encouraged

but listen, i don’t want you to get discouraged


i have to tell you what is true


nothing will save the children unless the children same themselves




Member That Time


we are children saving ourselves

up against garage door late night wants


i do

mouth to where heaven singes your body odor—filth is what causes maggot riot


i’m not a gypsy, i’m not mad

i just want to get away running from things that will get bad if i stay


can’t you comprehend

the end of rope like the end of snake mouth—

poem like the one you use sometimes

you do hit the mark of my heart, baby,

but let’s be honest


i need you to march—i need a soldier, followed by a daddy, followed by levon helm at any age

and you and you and you and you and your son and you and you and dolly parton

and you are the poem i bend into


i need you to log into me

signing you in /you are not signing in fast enough




Member That Time


you signed it but not fast enough / slow server of my desires

i’m sorry, baby,

i do


i’m not sorry

i want someone who can suck the skin off

i don’t know what else to tell you. i don’t know how to count

all the reasons why you are a sin magnet and i am more like moon


god’s not sorry about it.

why should i be


if you won’t believe me, fill up your chariot /drown one man’s absence with the sweat of 27 others

and leave—ask god what he thinks


don’t come back without your ass on fire

don’t come back until you can’t remember the smell of my name

against your neck nape




Member That Time


you come back to life with a dick in the face


i do

you can’t remember my name, so you start to call me shug—

that woman who lives in two trailers with a bridge between them, that woman who may

or may not have murdered her husband swept under the rug of good god let me get out of this one


no one knows what they want after they witness their first death so

you have to give them what they don’t know they want so

son of a bitch


i don’t know i want to fuck on the toilet until the lid shatters / moaning pieces

ain’t easy to replace—makes me want to take away your gun hip / send you into battle

to miss lots of boys today or any other gunday wilderness


i know what you want to do to me but don’t you dare whisper


scream at me. don’t you

want a lifteime’s worth of annoying. tell me the first time we sight fire


don’t be sorry for the smoke when you’re not sorry

for the storm


i eat not to destroy but to create





Member That Time


i am jealous of you being god’s platform, so i kill myself with all the diet coke i can muster

i do


bless my heart, i don’t know there are razors scissoring through my gone gums while i shake

my graveyard ass waiting for you to show up a ghost


you take twenty paces east, i’ll take twenty paces west and find out where the ghost lands


i bet you it will be south of the crossroads of our spit / the worst any of us could do

is leave—as above, so below. i don’t know how i’m gonna go, baby,

they will have to drag me from this ditch like a doorknob bitch just like every other hurray


hand me the hand mirror of your killer—when i hug him i’ll call him

bad, he will


Member This Time


i do


ONENIGHTINJUNE from Bo McGuire on Vimeo.

Bo McGuire is Dolly Parton’s biggest fan