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Gift For The Flies || Alex Greenberg

Gift For The Flies:


The poor are the only ones

who know how to suck dry a bone,


how to leave not even the marrow

of the dead animal for God


to bring to its family in heaven.

Slavering over the bone,


with knives like torches,

ready for the grand opening-up


of the animal’s cave

and the hopeless suppression


of its red-rock blood which will fizzle

through the dark like a shiver.


When the lips of a person

are the only feature that can be made out,


we try and match them to a pair of eyes,

a hair color, a story. They could be anyone


we think. Under a blanket we used our nails

to lift. Cradling the cold in their arms like a young child.


Alex Greenberg‘s poetry has been published or accepted for publication in: decomP, Spinning Jenny, Spittoon, Squalorly, The Louisville Review, The Cortland Review, Blast Furnace, Able Muse, among others. He was a four-time runner up in the Cape Farewell Poetry Competition, and came in 1st place in the Critical Pass Review Junior Poets Contest. He has been recognized by The Young Poets Society, Scholastic Arts and Writings Awardsand Foyle Young Poets.