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Worm Organ Transit by Ben Segal

“Some tones bring the worms right up from the earth.”


“You must play them!”


“You wouldn’t want that.”


“I would.”


“This organ’s too perfect.”


“I demand it.”


“They’ll come from miles.”


“I want no worm left in the ground.”


“Not one will remain.”


“I want to see a writhing.”


“Oh, you’ll see a writhing.”


“And they will all crawl toward the source won’t they?”


“The tone’s like a magnet.”


“They will writhe in piles here.”


“Great piles.”


“Feet-thick wormland.”


“Not a grave will be visible.”


“Not a monument.”


“Oh the obelisks will keep shape though, just they’ll fatten and pink up.”


“And writhe.”


“Yes of course.”


“Are you sure I should continue?”




“See, they’re coming.”


“I will lay myself in the doorway.”


“But they are coming.”


“Don’t stop your playing! I want them on me. I want to rise up under the lot of them.”


“Then I will hold down the keys with tape.”


“You would leave me?”






“I will lay on the worms on you.”


“We will wrestle.”


“We will be a ball.”


“The worms will keep moving to the sound.”


“They will carry us with them to the mouth of the organ.”


“It will be soft and loud.”


“We have never wanted anything better.”



Ben Segal is the author of 78 Stories (No Record Press) and co-editor of the anthology The Official Catalog of the Library of Potential Literature (Lit Pub Books). He is also the co-author of the forthcoming epistolary novel The Wes Letters (Outpost19). His short fiction has been published by or is forthcoming from Tin House, Tarpaulin Sky, Gigantic, andPuerto del Sol, among others.