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5 Poems || A. Lenkeit

No Title
From out of him will
come two children
though he knows      not
what to do with them
he understands work
and they understand work
so everyday they’ll work
until their bones become wet
and they grind into dust
grind into dirt
Hell is a place
     -all borninto
nothing sacred
     -carve it into trees
impale your life on a stake
“I’m the biggest martyr!”
     no one wants to hear it
     whatever you’ve got to say
burn it
     no one wants to hear
     whatever you’ve got to say
burn it
     nothing sacred
burn it
     eat them all alive
 People 11/25/12
feel me here there ok yes
I am here for you
please don’t leave I am afraid
Groundhog Day
Alone in everyone’s favorite dreary
dreaming we’re dreaming of each other in love
running out the incessant circles of
loneliness that run up there
call me here – living, breathing
not some memory formed (made) abscess on my everything
beautiful she is, the highest monument to being
like so much marble and concrete we’ve
raised so high to proclaim our existence
here, living, breathing, existing are we
the WE, the us and you I cannot
or ever forget – I want here: forever
not like some fallen state – some ilk of Rome
never cast down or cast out – thieves forever and thicker more
Convenience Store
whenever’s convenient for you’s
convenient for me
I’m here selling sharp candy
and you’re taking it for free
A. Lenkeit is a writer and musician in Seattle. Other places he is also those things. His website is realityishell.com and his Twitter handle is @a_lenkeit