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If you like singing: Hallelujah by B.N. Landry

I wish my phone hadn’t been dead. I saw it was almost dead right then when I was at the office so I tried to check out a charger but my phone is from last release so nobody had a charger that fit. I thought I would check out my apartment after the office and charge my phone but right then was New Years and there was too much I had to check out. So I didn’t have any way to update anybody about what happened but I will try to update you anyway.
     It was raining right then when we started checking out the bar which is why we didn’t check out any other bars even though the bar we were checking out right then was less than .25 mi from: White Horse, the Brixton, Shangri La, 12 others. I met up with Mike and Jack and two girls that follow them. I follow Jack through Mike. I follow Mike from college so I’ve followed him for years. Next he started checking out San Francisco to work for Jamd. Right now he has his own startup. You can check it out. Jack works for OnlineOffline. I work for somebody who follows somebody who works for OnlineOffline.
     At the bar I checked out a new beer. Right then my phone was almost dead so I didn’t take any pics of the beer. I was doing my best to save power on my phone. At the bar Mike updated me how his startup had gotten $2M in VC by getting intro’d to the right followers. It’s all about getting intro’d to the right followers.
     We were still at the bar when the ball dropped. Right then we all took pics together even though it was only 11:00 PM in Central so we could update our followers on the East Coast when it was 12:00 AM for them. Right then I updated myself that my phone was dead. I wished I could update my East Coast followers with a photo of me and my West Coast followers and my Central followers right then at East Coast 12:00 AM.
     Next we left the bar to check out Jack’s condo which is less than .25 mi from the bar we were checking out and also less than .25 mi from: Cheer Up Charlie’s, Liberty Bar, East Side Kings, 27 others. Right then Mike and Jack and the girls that follow them were updating their followers on their phones. There was something about the way their faces looked in the blue phone light and the way the rain showed up between their faces and their phones that I wish I could have taken a pic of.
     At Jack’s condo we checked out more beer. You can probably find updates from them about the beers we checked out and the things we updated that you might like. Next the girl who follows Jack updated me about her brother. She updated me that he worked in oil and gas like Jack’s father. She updated me that he made $200k+/yr and had to update from a hotel room in a town in Texas that no one I follow has checked out. She updated me that she could intro me to him if I liked. I pinged her if he liked working where he worked. She pinged back: oh, no.
     Next Jack started playing music on his keyboard. First he played: Counting Crows which I didn’t like so I didn’t sing along. Next he played: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen which I like. I think there’s a video of us singing: Hallelujah you can check out. I bet it has a million likes. If you like: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen you might like: that video. Maybe if you check out the video you can check out how much I liked singing: Hallelujah.
     At Central 12:00 AM we were checking out Jack’s condo right then. We took more pics together to update our followers. Except my phone was dead right then so I wasn’t updating anybody. Jack didn’t have a charger for my phone either. I checked it out. It’s really not my fault that I wasn’t updating anybody but I think you can tell from the pics from right then how much I didn’t like not being able to update my followers. I think you can tell from checking out my face.
     After they took pics everybody was updating on their phones and I checked everybody out and I saw I was the only one not checking out my phone right then. I didn’t like that so I checked out the patio outside. I didn’t like checking out Jack’s condo right then. I felt like a phone that was almost dead. It was raining outside right then and I don’t like checking out the rain but right then I think I liked the rain or maybe I liked not liking it. I don’t know. And right then I checked out the street below and I checked out something I liked. There were two girls I could see on the street in the dark. You couldn’t see their bodies just their faces like when someone is checking out their phone in the dark. Only instead of looking at their phones they were looking at this sparkler they were both holding between them so that all you could see was the sparks that looked like they were coming out of their hands and then the two pretty girls’ smiling faces and then the dark. Right then I felt the way I did when I was singing: Hallelujah. Right then I had that feeling like I wished I could take a video only not just of the sparkler and the light and the girls but the whole darkness and the invisible rain and how the rain felt. I knew right then that if there was a video of all that it would have likes from the whole world. But I’m glad my phone was dead right then, because right then I don’t think I could have updated you about that. And I still can’t update you about everything. Like why my phone is still dead.
B.N. Landry’s work has appeared or is upcoming in Bat City Review, Kill Author, and 3:AM Magazine. He lives in Austin, Texas. Follow him on Twitter (@BNLandry) or read more about his work at bnlandry.com.