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Photoems by Katie Menzies

Photoem 1

Body ˈbäd-ē is the dancer’s favorite word. Both crude, this mess of matter held in a thin skinned balloon, and yet sickly dexterous. The balloon tries its best to contain the sharp angles of mandible and femur, while also boating the goo, the stringy slop of our cranberry. But this structure of ours also has a thistle equilibrium. The grace of our feet with our head balancing on the wave of a spine


Photoem 2

lungs open their pearly sacs in tunnel of wood ribs. this whale
shadow and light—made by the keyhole of our mouths
when we open the lungs nets, an entire history of sun
is sucked down and irrigated
imagine all the sky in our bodies this very moment.


the tide is low enough to almost walk out to the white
her waves are thin and long, the set
like the glittery lines of crop
perfectly spaced; parallel

The Sun neon cream
The sun an electric cow eye
wincing above the sea farm

surfers weave their cornhusks through the bushels of water
as if they are trying to sew themselves into her

it smells like s moke

a bonfire grave just feet from where I sit
grey-blue topography of dead fire
smells like wood and is beautiful heaped upon the mousy sand
Kate Menzies is a poet, teacher, and writing coach in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her workshops show how writing can be utilized as a meditation. This summer her work can be seen in Gigantic Sequins 3.2.