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2 Poems by Jordan Soyka

This Is Not A Complete List Of Side Effects

hell is a good excuse for a ladder. goes nowhere. the narrative. depersonalization. just a little pile of fingernails. under your bed, a curve passing through all these points. anorgasmia. pin it down. dream abnormalities.

collapse makes sense. a voice is calling behind me. a hole. with a chandelier in it. feeling warm. drudgery. another sentence. dysphasia. the vanishing point shows more. i don’t know full remission (e.g. depression disappears in spring).

night’s little engines. wrung out. suicidal ideation. ink on my hands. these words can be extinguished with other words. mice nibble watchbands. avoidance. a finite number of singular statements. decreased salivation. paresthesia.

everything is ready now. talkativeness. muscular cramps. but beautiful. intrusive and inappropriate. excessive and unreasonable. the face displayed no discernible euphoria. no way out. vigilance and scanning.


do it or i’ll think something terrible opened raw scabbed and picked again
pink red
brown pink

only lies create worlds
beginning with stone & somewhere hung above & somewhere glittering
laughing laughing breathing 24 hr help line

maybe i was there maybe suffered
fingered open maybe peeled maybe tongued
down past seeing up
rendering hath severed wonder
filled in filled out and bulging

both a space and a collision

only if it’s safe only if it’s safe counting checking i’ve hit bone
counting checking i’ve hit bone

Jordan Soyka lives in New Orleans, where he creates rituals and paints his toenails. His work has been published in GlitterPony, > kill author, La Petite Zine, Cave Wall, and The Quarterly Conversation, and is forthcoming in Horse Less Review.