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Then Orpheus, List by Kristine Snodgrass

Then Orpheus, List

Don’t sing. The singer is the seer. Don’t sing. The singer is the seer. Don’t sing, the singer is the seer. The singer. The singer. The singer. The singer is the seer. The seer is a singer. Don’t sing. Don’t you see? Don’t see. Don’t sing or see, the seer is the singer. Don’t sing. Don’t open your mouth. Don’t sing. Don’t see. Don’t open your eyes, don’t see. Don’t open your eyes. Don’t see. Don’t sing your mouth or see your eyes. Don’t sing and see. Don’t see sing. Don’t see sing. Don’t see your singing in your mouth. See your singing in your mouth. Don’t see. See. See. See. Your singing in your mouth and in your eyes. Sing in your mouth. Don’t sing. Your mouth. Your sing. Your mouth. Your song. Song your mouth. Song your see. Song your see in your mouth. Song your mouth. See your song in your mouth. See your mouth. See your eyes in your mouth in your song. Sing sing sing. Sing. Sing. Sing in your mouth. See your sing. See your sing. See your song in your mouth? See your song in your mouth? Your song. Your song. The singer is the seer. The singer is the seer. Sing in your mouth the song you see. You see. You see? The song:

Dusty in balm, o rain! Uber sly gung ho!
O Orpheus sing it! Ho. Her bum in –or,
Under alleys she-wig. Dock sells inner fur swag
Clinging and fanging, winking and wandering for

Tears still drunken as them clarifying
Gelatin, world, and longer under genocide;
Under ergonomics such as, see night as list
And night as angst in six or less warnings—

Sunburned as a whore. Brutal, shriek, terror
Shine and climb in earrings hurt in under,
Come in hot war, die zoo animal fang.

My under-self has drunken vernacular
Mid-eyelet zoo gang, doesn’t often be
The shit you in the temple—I’m a gay whore.

In fasting, imagine war undergoing fervor
As descent I, and again, clock long song and layer
And glance—declare church fire through links slayer
And mock the sicken, bet in my hour.

And sleeve and more. And allies warrior-laugh.
Die bomb, die icky be-wonderment, dies
Football farm, die guilty vice
And yay! Day strong and cosmic self-betrayal.

See sleep die. Welts, singers got rehab
Do see fallen debt, does he nick beggars
First walk Suess-ing? Sigh. She understands and leaves.

Who is Todd? O, worst you die the motif
Her friend, or not, is sick and lying berserk—
Ho sinks, see? In austere, I’m Madden-fest.

I got your mags! We, able quagmire-soul
In man I’m fuckin’ thirsty. Smile, liar?
Same sin, it’s we fault. And, a cruising Sawyer
Her swag—stay kind, temple for Apollo.

Gay sang we do in lure is nicked beggar,
Nicked were bung onion endless notch erect us
Gay sang is dasheen. Fur den got in licks
Wanna ampersand? Word. And wanna wine debtor?

And under sin, die burgundy stern.
Die is the night young? Lane does do least, when asked.
Die stem, damn den, muddier often–learn.

Regressing—that’s the off sang. Those weren’t
In war-height singing. Is in, and or hawk,
In hawk yum Nick’s in when I’m out. In wind.

O, I start lickin’ treat your while
In them atom, dirt you nicked, meant
Lasted him an year, wagging suck tiller
Into you sit or, or, weird variant.

O, I are selling, I are healing,
Die order and fang. Door her sense.
Broken dirt-file and zeal, fond filing,
Eager glance or looking fervent.

Fuck it. Nixon-laden die! She were
Get the soar luck and a year with
Her sin, diaper, Gershwin, die me.

Sell, die all. Kind I planet, die done
Wouldn’t you prefer angst? I trudge at night.
Able die, lift able die Rome.

Erect it kindly then seen. Last die, rose
Nor jets jar sign-in guns ton blown.
Then Orpheus, list. Sane metamorphosis
In them, and them. We are swollen under night, man.

I’m laundry name. In fur alley male
Is Orpheus, when is sing. Or come and get
Is nicks Sean veil? When or die, rose and shale
Um, in parting man can you bursted?

O why, or when must ass hurt? Bereft,
And when I’m celibate awe bang tea, dash or sandy.
In them sign were dies her sign; oooh, Bertram!

Is her Sean a dork? When ears might be glided
Door liar glitter, sang in neck. Die hand!
Under gay dork, in them, or uber-shredded:


Sing or don’t sing! Sing or don’t sing. Die hand, sane metamorphosis. Sing or don’t sing. Sing. Don’t sing. Die hand. Die sane. Die hand. Die sane. Sing or don’t sing. Sane metamorphosis. Die sane. Die hand. Sing and die sane. In hand or in song, die. Sane metamorphosis. Die hand and sane. And sane and die. In hand, die song, die. Sane song. Die, song, die. Sane metamorphosis. Sing or don’t sing, die song, die. Sing or don’t sing, die song die. Sane metamorphosis. Sing in hand, not mouth. Sing in hand, not mouth. Die sane. Die sane and sing in hand. Sing don’t die. Sing, don’t die. Don’t die, sane. And sing. And sing. And sing in hand. Metamorphosis. Sing. Die sane. Nixon-laden die! Die order and fang! Gay sang! Gay sang and die. Nixon-laden die, order and fang, die. Die and gay sang. Die and gay sang. Nixon-laden die. Nixon-laden die. Order and fang. Order and fang, bereft and the order. Bereft, die sang. And sing. In hand, order and fang, gay sang. Sang gay and die. Bereft and gay sang. And sing and die. Metamorphosis. Die! And gay sang and see night as angst. That’s the off sang. See night as angst. That’s the off sang. Sing and die, the off sang. Sing and die. The off sang. Sing gay and die. The off sang. Wanna ampersand? & die. & die. & die. The off sang. Order fang and bereft. & die sang. List, list, list.

NOTE: The five parts of this poem are homophonic translations of Rilke’s Sonnets to Orpheus (Poulin trans., #1-5)
Kristine Snodgrass’ collaborative work with Neil de la Flor and Maureen Seaton is forthcoming in a book, Two Thieves & a Liar (JackLeg Press 2012). Her solo poetry has appeared in decomP, Otoliths, Versal, 5_Trope, Big Bridge, Shampoo, Coconut, and others. She is the author of the chapbooks, Put the Pie Away Quietly and Without Fervor (Cy Gist Press 2012) and Fledgling Starlet (Grey Book Press 2009).