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FUCK OFF || Candice Wuehle


Bravery was nothing, call it the escaped whelp.

Call it the emotion with no memory & no count, no

Rhythm and therefore no record worth repetition

For the keeper’s account. Bravery was nothing

But the dumbest animal’s ability to stand and stand

And stand alone in the pasture past the time

Others felt en masse.         I would not think through. In

Order to allow for every hoof you have to harm

The hard-packed earth, I stood still. I am I am monster

Of endurance for you, it happened while I was holding

My heart in a bag by the bag I keep my stomach in; I told

You I don’t need to eat—you eat. I’m admiring you, your

Babied teeth and curated crawl. You

Ravenous wolf, you whip. I want to be a bride’s

Maid all my life in your eternal train only because you

Promised to marry

Everything; only

Because I’m the bitch

& you’re the doggess I did it for.

Hound-girl, would I have come to believe there was light

Worth love without your howl? I mean

To know an unshatterable

Slant, resilient


Of all the concrete covering the earth,

Also all the low pools of dim dark glow,

Also in the end even I when alone

Ended in the street, with another,

Explaining I counted on you to count myself and having lost

You, I was only


I need two

To know I was


I needed the forgery

To know I was unforged



“Dear Ra” by Johannes Goransson


Candice Wuehle is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in Iowa City, Iowa, holds a Masters in Literature from the University of Minnesota and is a PhD candidate at the University of Kansas where she is a Chancellor’s Fellow and the Assistant Poetry Editor of Beecher’s Magazine. Some of her poems can be or will be found in The Volta,  Inter|ruptureNOO,  BoaatFairy Tale ReviewBlazeVOXSOFTBLOWSimilar:Peaks:: and The Atlas Review. Candice’s chapbook, cursewords, is forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press.