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Being Paid to Live, the Dunes || Corey Wakeling

Being Paid to Live, the Dunes



You are ready for the end of this world because

you are paid, and the apartment is good.

If the earthquake separates the head from

the plexus, finish your lamb casserole,

you are meat and you are juice,

my yoghurt tarantellas

in an array of elaborate maquettes

of the city and its outer suburbs,

all the way to the hills.

Not fiercely but informatively

disembodied in capacity to

see the end miniature.

It is hotter than it was,

why clairvoyance

buoys in my efforts to get to you,

buoys in its treachery of you, because all

places not there are awful. That is what I

have learnt in this life, not the others,

that when you are not there

it is awful, and when you are there

it is good. How is the family money,

can you buy a new nominal pedestal

by which to be seen again by the people

surrounding? No, I don’t know the names

of the local prelates who confirm

the honorary chair for the rocket ship

out, just the drug dealers for a delicious peace

time which will brace the horde.

It’s only your stupid fantasy that the dunes

are sex, that the sand trap is Psyche.

No, the trap is the thugs hired

to break up the local groundswell union,

its cities and cooperative housing,

marinated in shadow odours of Dad.


Corey Wakeling lives in Melbourne. He is the author of chapbook Gargantuan Terrier, Buggy or Dinghy (Vagabond Press, 2012) and Goad Omen(Giramondo, 2013). With Jeremy Balius, Corey co-edited Outcrop: radical Australian poetry of land (Black Rider Press, 2013). He is reviews editor of poetry journal Rabbit, and interviews editor of Cordite.