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3 Poems || Elsbeth Pancrazi

I walk through my twenties


without you


It’s a weird feeling


Or in the passenger seat

with no driver


There’s almost nothing

Half meals on the table


bread and salad

certain friends


identify me incompletely


in a piled field

of cut straw


Hey I’m still talking to you


but my hair and nails

keep growing



We fucked every hour


for I don’t know how

many years


Yes, I do remember


It did not feel arduous

to me, and what did you


come to fix the refrigeration system


know of feeling

You who’d trot


naked girl on horseback


in her infinite loop

I’m crying because


the movie

was fucking boring

It’s true, I made you


a horse rushing from the sea


a silent partner

a cowboy might miss


You lope up to me

and say hello


And here is the dream:


I give you apples

I never tell you


You’re foam on waves

I invented your shape


when the waves got boring


It is the dream of a cloud

overtaking another cloud


Elsbeth Pancrazi was a 2013 Poets House Fellow and artist-in-residence at Caldera Arts in Sisters, Oregon. Her poems have appeared in A Public SpaceBodegaBest New Poets 2013; Forklift, OhioH_ngm_nNo, Dear; and Paperbag. Clock her in Brooklyn.