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Holy Saving Time Smoking Tree’s Side Burns || Jared Joseph



colloquy in the side of angels

god, his angles, bond to flowers

ours a sexual flower angels, pollinate

the sky holy holy holy sky glasspollinating

facing pane, & hurt & Tetris

facing pane, & hurt & Tetris

facing pane, & hurt & Tetris

pacing brushes on the eye

glass got in me, vibrate

kind of shutting out Come?

shut out Come? I really

needed it in, the hollow of her

eyes, on the hollow in his

her, in the hollow in her

his, in the hollow in this

forewater dust, reed, Tess asks

Tess asks for black, Russ asks softly aft

er her, Tess asks inside of her

Rush ages her inside

all ranges out, folded towels, all rang out names

folded towels, all times cry, all folded

hurt tonela, translucent



chocolate comes from horse hooves,

& horse hooves grow up

on the cacao plant.




Goodbye little flowers

there’s a narrative


that justifies me


His french name is Jean





his soul i feel


is not adequately described


he says the soul apart from mind


he says the soul a part of actions


the thing that actually terrifies


and torments his sleep


other comments





this book is so rich


some people try to teach it


in one semester


i think that i could teach it for a decade


look for the whiteness of the whale




Chapter 42.




*                                                 Intellectual Agility



if you look at the w


hiteness of the w


hale the superiority of things that are w




if you read a speech of Abraham


Lincoln he will start conceding


point after point and you think stop but he is hiding




an absolutely crucial point


point that overturns the other points




at the end of the paragraph he doesn’t even start


over again this here


more a panic to the soul this weight


that is emotional it


overturns and makes everything trivial






it’s somebody sailing in fact

to the south pole



the Tasmanians are black


the horror that rises out the sea is white


it is very similar to what


Melville does here


he never apparently


mentioned Poe




when an older book is looked at


it is locked in


to a conceptual system


but when you actually look


at the literature their directions




if you bring to


bear on literature


assumptions that you brought


from undergraduate festival reservations


then there’s Poe




his language becomes so


very elegantly persuasive elegantly hyperbolic




incomparably fine as


this is rising music


things he treats more passively




This elusive quality


That induces panic


to the dumb gloating of their aspect


combining as mutually modifying


adjectives t


hat you really don’t expect together


all these varieties of whiteness


events that are also visions


are white


the squalls and the squid and all the rest the albatross




his attention


and Ahab’s attention are




on this thing


he goes through all this


on my page 169




he’s always aware of the rhetorical




that he’s using


he’s always aware that the at


tempt to be de


scribe fails




is it that violent indefiniteness?




here is Moby Dick i mean


here is Melville


and then pulling it


into a conception of the universe


as a theological concept






what seems to be a sort of detour


what is this universe


how are we to understand the beauty that we are


always susceptible to it he de


scribes it he creates it deepest floaw


so far


as we experience it


so hauntingly


disinclined to statement or de






he says and this is on page 170 of mine




he says uh


he’s saying the theory of life


paints like a harlot


the charnel house within


with its own blank tongue


the policy of the universe a leper


glosses upon their eyes gazes himself a shroud


blind albino whale


people are buried to their necks


not to overdramatize


you’ve certainly thrown your life away




stare out the cigarette and smoke


i never showed that the window


i feel that we are creatures who can know


we’re nothing in the universe accept creatures


who can understand


and graduate it does not have my name written on it


motherfucker who’s totally gold.




But the ten percent shot you


out the door


But the ten percent you


shot out the door


when the light drug right




i drink whiskey in the am


the being is a big soft armour


i zipped you into me & you were


like on your period i was like


i like that and mark


zuckerberg likes that when he


like jerks off on his bed of money i think


of scrooge mcduck doing butterfly


strokes in his gold


i stroke in my gold




there are strokes of gold in my


ballhair like a wreathe


when i bereave a person i bereave in god


inside his golden scrotum


hair i know not names


of different kinds of hair i guess there


are coiffs there is the buzzcut there is the straight


-edge nazi cut which i always found very


ironic i mean not ironic so much as


appropriate a militant pacifist told me my


shoes are white on black crime


i was in the north side


plaza of granada getting high and this


guy’s like your shoes have white laces and your shoes have black leather


i said do you have other shoelaces


Other guy said like i am from nigeria


i used to drum here but now i have to peddle weed and by the way


do you want some weed took me to his apartment


there was a child there she had soft gold scrotum hair


i liked her i took my laces off i was ashamed


sometimes you do things you don’t know you do things


do on this ball?


the whole time soft zipped together in our


own link.


i drank ceremonial motor oil and killed a sheep took it


apart on the backyard pool table


Sudu threw the black bladder at his sister


i threw the black bladder at sudu


it wasn’t black and what is that


what type of show is that


there is a joke in me


there is tomato juice in that man’s coke can


i never believed you when you said i came out of my mom


came from where you came from


my leg doesn’t have a dick but i remember an orgasm there


it doesn’t matter whose


the whole matter unzips


turnips, there are a few days left of this man’s hair


i don’t know hairs’ names


i’m going to talk


magazines with kids and be like


fuck magazines it’s all about BOOK4.pdf BOOK5.pdf BOOK6.pdf


i didn’t much like BOOK7.psd


i don’t have flashbacks the present comes a little later


our next title’s dead horse




Jared Joseph  is boring.