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3 Poems by Beach Sloth

What’s in my heart

Today my dad told me a different part of his childhood
A story he had never told me before
Every couple hours or so he manages to say a couple words to me
Usually those words are ‘Hi’ or ‘Yep’
However this story was a little different
My father told me about growing up
In Maryland in Salisbury
Over the summer my father would go with his father to the shore
He’d eat crab, fresh from the sea and it tasted perfect it would melt in his mouth
That’s why he loves crab he explained, not the soft shell but the hard shell
His whole life he’s been trying to relive that perfect moment
Of eating crab on the shore watching the water as an innocent young boy
He wanted to tell me more but the check came
And he got quiet again
Like he always does


Other Side

Your smile is my favorite color
Your eyes are my favorite song
Our sides requires both hands
Let’s dance together and swing around

We share space together
We walk in each other’s shine
Your face is my favorite picture
Let’s be together and life will be fine

Our hugs are our special places
We make our own time
Your heart keeps the rhythm
Let’s put our minds together and just unwind


A Coffee Maker Mysteriously appears in my Living Room 

My heat is off
There aren’t any lights
I’m alone
I haven’t seen a person all day
Voice is rusty
Being a hermit in a city is fun

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