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Bro Cleanup on Aisle Five by Nikki Wallschlaeger

Bro Cleanup on Aisle Five
Usually I won’t stand for it. Common dialogue,
how to make your man squirm, his frozen spots,
low-fat smoothies designed for non sequitur
aphrodisiacs. Immature weight scale goals.
But you, I am left at the beginning somehow.
You inspire, with your face, all my enlightened
philosophies dried into an arrogant burn, like
aged nutmeg. The rope that I picked up because
gym class was required & now I speak fluent
radical woman of color/white over-achiever,
my little theories wearing syllabus aprons outside
the classroom where I hand out scones far removed
from anything Cixous. (I sound like such a snob
right now. lyrical slumming starts her shift.)
I don’t know when sideways starts to become
a Pinocchio hot topic on a footnote for a woman’s
show, when I become a real boy through lying:
Can I remember how to craft slimsy second form
Micromancy fans to avoid reading your telemetry,
Or is winter the season to wax my cherry zymotics?
In your case, I know nothing. Pop quizzes over the
warming table, my eyes find pink & take cover
because mother says mashed potatoes shouldn’t
be cooked by rabbits. Of course I’m educing the
planet. I’ve been raised on three opposite knees,
trained to follow the carrot. You’re my empty
collections basket in July, a moving telecommute,
the glass, the hurry, a language phrenic in
crash-test. Call me sometime. The bathroom’s
agnostic: two women shaming us at table seven.
Nikki Wallschlaeger is the author of one chapbook, Head Theatre ( 2007) which etched itself out of her palms unexpectedly. Her hands continue to talk, which is why she writes. Publications include Esque, The Smoking Poet, Word Riot, Pirene’s Fountain, Burdock, DecomP , and others. She is working on her next chapbook, “I Would Be the Happiest Bird,” and also a full-length manuscript of poems. She also helps run a children’s reading group at Peoples Books Cooperative located in the Riverwest neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.